Application Development

  • Blog Engine
  • Catatanku is a Blog Engine, originally developed by PT. Prima Softindo. Catatanku Blog Engine, can be customized for developing Customer's unique Blog Engine.

  • CMS(Content Management System)
  • CMS is an user friendly system for building & maintaining Website. We provide two options of services. We have experiences developing original CMS, and also customizing opensource based CMS such as Joomla, Drupal etc. So, all the Customers needs can be handled by PT. Prima Softindo.

  • E-Commerse
  • RuangToko, is our original Online Shopping System. Customers' needs around E-Commerce, can be covered by customizing the RuangToko engine.

  • ERP(Enterprises Resources Planner)
  • Some of our ready stock product such as SIMRS(Hospital Information Management System), SmartSchool(School Information Management System), contained ERP fiturs. We provide a service to develop an original ERP system. A Financial Supporting System is a sample of our portfolio.

  • CRM(Customer Relationship Management)
  • CRM is almost contained in a large system informasi management. An Example, SIMRS and SmartSchool have a set of CRM's functions.

    SIMRS Primasoft SmartSchool Primasoft Catatanku Blog Engine Primasoft

    Web Marketing

  • Web Design
  • Focused in Japanese Customers, we're success in providing a few of institution's website. in Developing Customer's website, the process started from designing. We passed the Sensitivitas and high quality of Japanese market. So, all taste design can be handled by our team.

  • SEO ( Search Enginee Optimization )
  • Websites, developed by our team, consisting search engine optimizing. SEO, brought website ranked in top level in search engine like google etc. The effect of SEO, make up popularity of website, as one of aspect marketing power. PT Prima Softindo, have some own information website such as Kamusitas, Indonesia Portal, etc.

    RuangToko Online Shopping Primasoft Changi Singapore Primasoft Indonesia Portal Primasoft

    IT Consulting

  • Training
  • Process developing system application, following by training program how to use that application. In the other case, we also provide training program expecially in IT field, for stepping up customer's human resources skill.

  • Network
  • Network is a part of IT infrastructure. Our team have skills, capabilities, and experiences for developing customer's network infrastructure.

  • Outsourcing
  • Some of our customers, need our support for be a part in their developing team. We have a widely capability to provive a services like it, usually called outsourcing.

Basicly, We promise to provide a total solution for Customer's Website, developing an application, expecially web based software, as a tool for supporting Customer's business.